What We Do

We provide underprivileged girls with a reusable and effective sanitary kit that will keep them in school and in the workplace without the stigma that accompanies menstruation. This is not a quick fix – it is a sustainable solution to furthering the progress of the African girl child.

The African Girl Foundation has two aims in fulfilling the mission statement.

  1. Ensure girls will not have to miss school simply because of their menstrual cycle
  2. Promote education that dispels myths & taboos about menstruation

This setback is so significant that many girls simply can’t keep up with their course work, eventually dropping out of school – leading to a myriad of social issues.

  • Forced into early marriage
  • Forced into the sex trade
  • Early pregnancy long before adulthood
  • Significant increase in STDs especially HIV/AIDS

Reusable sanitary kits are the answer to a severe problem. They will have lasting impact on the girls who receive them. Education is the most powerful weapon against poverty and should not be kept out of a woman’s reach.

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