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Rajeev Sharma

For Rajeev, the accessibility of sanitary pads throughout Africa is a cause that can change the lives of thousands of school girls struggling for this basic necessity. When he heard the everyday tragedy of daughters unable to afford sanitary pads, the numbers simply didn’t add up! How could such a solvable problem be such a huge financial obstacle for so many Kenyan girls? The mathematician soon quit his corporate job to start the African Girl Foundation. To him, education is everything. A problem as simple as accessing sanitary pads deserves a sustainable solution for the girl child.

Riya Sharma Shah

As a Kenyan woman, the issues facing women in marginalised communities hit home with Riya. A former banker, she now works as a prime time breakfast show radio host with Radio Africa. She has never shied away from using her platform to do good within the Kenyan community. When it comes to healing the circumstances surrounding the girls of her native country, a realization dawned upon her that she can make a difference. She is now dedicating herself to ensuring that that the girl child in Kenya has a fair chance at succeeding in life through accessing sanitary pads without it crippling them financially. To Riya, the African Girl Foundation is a remarkable movement to sustainably change the lives of thousands of ordinary Kenyan girls and give them their own chance at becoming absolutely extraordinary.

Our Team

Zebib Kavuma

Mrs. Zebib Kavuma, a national of Ethiopia, is the Country Director of UN Women in Kenya. She brings to the United Nations over 15 years of development experience in the substantive areas of Gender and Women’s rights, Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS and Women’s Economic Empowerment. Her expertise extends beyond advocating for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls to areas of gender mainstreaming in policy frameworks, programme planning and management. She has engaged extensively with governments, private sector and civil society including women’s movements in advancing women’s rights in various parts of West Africa as well as the Eastern and Horn of Africa. Prior to the United Nations, she has served in different capacities within international organizations mainly focusing in areas of women, peace and security including mediating conflicts and developing alliances between varied stakeholders such as religious and political leaders. She is passionate about mentoring the young in areas of gender equality and leadership. Mrs. Kavuma holds a Masters’ degree in International Affairs from Columbia University in New York, and a Bachelors’ degree in Economics and Industrial Psychology from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. She is fluent in English, Amharic, German and basic French. She is a mother of two sons and a daughter.

Estelle Strizhak

Ms. Estelle F. Strizhak is the program director for Kenya Social Ventures (KSV), an organization that seeks to provide college and university Interns – local and from overseas – with practical fieldwork experience of assisting in humanitarian projects in Kibera slums. She is also a project developer for the ”For Children’s Sake Initiative Association” (FOCHISAAS),  a 5-year project in 6 member primary schools in Kibera slums to improve learning in English and Mathematics in Standards 4-8. Ms. Strizhak has over 25 years of experience in project design, supervision and evaluation. Her major expertise is in working with urban refugees and education in both the private and public (government) sectors. She has worked in the United States, Africa (primarily Kenya) and India. She is also an Aaron Diamond Foundation Fellow, an award given for her innovative teaching methods. Ms. Strizhak has a Bachelors and Masters Degree from the University of Wisconsin, U.S.A., is a former Fulbright Scholar and a National Defense Foreign Language Fellowship holder. She is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Russian and 3 Indian languages (Telugu, Tamil and Hindi). She is the adoptive mother to four siblings from Conakry, Guinea. Her oldest adoptive daughter has a baby girl, making her a new grandmother.

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