About Us

Every girl deserves an equal chance at succeeding in life. No one should have to live life from the sidelines, but the sad truth even in this progressive age, is that the African girl child faces tremendous challenges just to make it to school. The African Girl Foundation was founded to help our girls overcome these challenges.

Our Story

The African Girl Foundation was founded by siblings Rajeev & Riya Sharma. They are firm believers in the power of education to eradicate poverty in Africa, particularly for women. It came to their attention that a domestic worker was routinely and mysteriously missing work. When asked about her absence, she revealed an embarrassing truth: she simply couldn’t afford disposable sanitary pads.

What We Do

We provide underprivileged girls with a reusable and effective sanitary kit that will keep them in school and in the workplace without the stigma that accompanies menstruation. This is not a quick fix – it is a sustainable solution to furthering the progress of the African girl child.